Friday, May 2, 2008


When Carol tagged me for the Scattagories that use the first letter of your name, I was supposed to tag other bloggers. I have read in the past on a few blogs that they don't want to be tagged. So, not knowing what to do, and wanting to keep everyone happy, I didn't tag my friends.

But at least two of them have played along anyway and it has been so much fun to read their answers. I wish more of you would join in. Check out Katie, Granny Lyn and Carol to see what fun we had.

I think blogger should have a place where you can say that you don't want tagged, so you would know if you were doing an OK thing. If you do play along, be sure and let me know so I don't miss your answers!


Granny Lyn said...

I am in agreeance with you, I am mostly new here, so I wish there was a "This is So Rude" list somewhere...anywhere, if there is, would somebody let me know? I still have no clue if I'm "bothering" some one if I e-mail them, or if I make a faux pas how would I know???
It is for this same reason that I have never "tagged" and I end up being "the duck" with nobody to "goose"

Finn said...

Hi Norma, I'm playing!! Got it done today *VBS* And yes, it would be so great if there was a way to indicate you didn't want to participate.
Clare has a "Tag Free Zone" icon or logo on her blog. Maybe we should ask where she got it. It's on her main blog Dordogne(??)Quilter...I never do remember the exact spelling but she's on my side bar. It was fun to read yours and Katies and Granny Lyn's *VBS* Sending big WI hugs, Finn

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Norma, I love your blog, found it via the aussie connection. I love word games so I've played along.