Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have you ever felt like you were just out there floating around with no purpose or no destination? Well, that has described my day. Have so many things I could be doing that would be very productive, and I am just out there with no anchor or map. Think it might be our triple digit heat or age creeping up on me but I sure hope I have motivation tomorrow! A person could get really lost at sea and never heard from again if they have many days like this one in a row!

So, if I don't surface in a day or two, call out the AZ coast guard..........or maybe it is the border patrol I would need to reel me in beings we are a ways from real water.


I have days to waste even though it is a shame

I put the pork roast in the crock pot YESTERDAY so we did have dinner

Air conditioning!!!


Quilting Pirate said...

your the second one today I have read where they have felt, maybe worries...we all go through it! And at least the family was glad to have dinner! I love crockpots, so easy to make a dinner!

Niki said...

YUmmmmm! I love pork, and in the crock, even better. Well Norma, it's hard to get motivated when it's 111. I feel your pain........

Norma said...

The pork roast was part of a whole pork loin that I got at Bashas a couple of months ago on sale. Dh cut it into roasts and chops and I froze it. It was so good.........we had left overs today and there is enough for some cold pork roast sandwiches this weekend!

This heat is intense and looks like no break in sight!

I am pushing one foot in front of the other today but at least I am MOVING!

swooze said...

Glad we could get you helped out! Come visit me and my blog! Have a great week!