Monday, June 4, 2007

Still trying

I am computer challenged! Just when I think maybe I have it going, I seem to hit another wall. I tried to join a web ring and I got instructions to do things that did NOT make sense. Had questions and no where to get answers. Hopefully some one will help.

When I first got on the internet, I was so out of it, I did good to get the computer on and signed in. DH bought me a book about AOL to help (sort of a AOL for Dummies type thing only not so upscale). I sat in front of the computer for hours with that book and learned a lot by trial and error. Then I joined a Craft Magazine chat room and the ladies there patiently walked me through a lot of things so I could move around the internet. More trial and error and I can pretty much go where I want to go. The problem is doing some things after I get there, like add pictures to the header of my blog or join a blog ring. OK folks, so all of us out there aren't computer whizzing around and understand all the lingo.

Anyway, I must say that I find there aren't folks out there willing to help you much either. I have asked for help from a couple and my emails were ignored. Mary was great help with the HeartStrings and questions about the header......................and look folks, got the Heartstrings logo on here! So if you by any chance are reading this..............and I doubt anyone is and how would I know those who need it when you can. To anyone out there who might need help that I can give.............hey, just ask and it is yours!


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