Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nice folks after all

I have had great offers of help so this webring thing may happen after all. I was right all along that quilter/crafter folks are the most helpful, generous group going.

Not much quilting going on here. Maybe too much computer time??? I still have the grandkids while Mom works but she will be finishing up next week and then there will be a five week or so break. They will go on vacation and then we are going, so it will go fast. Then the kids will be here a couple of weeks before school starts and then thats it, Nana is retiring except to have Bubba on Wed. when there is no pre school class. I will miss them after almost seven years but the time has come.

Hopefully lots of quilting will be the result!

I plan to sit down with the light box tonight and do some raw edged applique for some Christmas things. That will give me some hand work to work on also. I have several ART TO HEART patterns by Nancy Halvorsen that I bought at the quilt show in Tucson that I plan to do. Her stuff is so great!


helpful folks out there in cyberland

kisses and hugs from the grandkids

grapes and cherries are in season!


Niki said...

Just poppin' by to say HI :)

QuiltingFitzy said...

OOOH! Look at you! Links in your sidebar.

Way to go!

Now if I could only figure out why my site meter is invisable, I'd be a happy camper! It's on my page at the middle of the bottom, but it isn't showing up, lol. Crazy stuff.

Norma said...

They do things like make it not show up to keep you on your toes! I got the pictures and links on there but we won't talk about how much time it took me to figure it out! LOL

Thanks, you two, for dropping by!