Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its My First Birthday

Here I am when I first came to live here. Look at me on the side bar, think I am all grown up now.

Today I am one year old, and would you believe they didn't have a party, get me a cake or even a present...........and I am the PRINCESS that give this place class! I cuddle when I want to cuddle, I let you pet me when I want to be petted and still no birthday celebration. What is a cat (who can put Paris Hilton to shame with her poses) to do?

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Rachel said...

I say Princess, I shall call the authorities and get them onto this right away. A wonderful cat like you that contributes sooooo darn much to this ungrateful bunch!! Well, just you wait dear!!! I'll get in touch with my people who will be in touch with your people. Then watch those presents start rolling in!!! Go ahead and make your list now!!! And check it twice and keep adding!!!