Friday, June 22, 2007


Now I want you to take a look............there is a Quilt 4 Pleasure on my blog! It has taken WEEKS for me to figure out how to get it there but with the help of a very nice lady.......WOOHOO, we did it. (no way could I say I did it because if she hadn't been VERY patient and nice to this old lady it would not be there). So to Suzette, I send my biggest thanks for helping and most of all for not letting me give up.

I thought long and hard about joining a web ring. As I said, I am not a joiner, have never been one and for the most part when I do join, I am miserable. But I liked what this one stood for. Just the title, Quilt 4 PLEASURE appealed to me. They don't have limits on how much fabric they buy, they use or don't use patterns................its all just for enjoyment. That is what my quilting is for me. I don't follow all the rules and I am not a great craftsman by any means but I spend every spare minute with some area be it reading quilting blogs, looking at websites or even sometimes with thread and needle. I did not think, however, that joining would tax my fuzzy brain quite as much as it did but learned a lot about html and such in the process.

So if you are a member of the ring, welcome. If you are not, please continue to stop by and say hello.

Lets see, it took a long time to learn how to add pictures to the blog, then adding links took quite a while, adding the webring took forever! So, now I am ready to try and add the counter thingie................ya'all wish me luck!


Great quilters who are willing to help in all ways

That I am still able to have a "light bulb" moment when it all comes together

Left over pork roast

The fuzzy ball that lays on the desk and supports my efforts if I just pet her now and then.


Quilting Pirate said...

I think webrings are good to help others find you and make new friends.

It can be addicting though, just like quilting ;)

Niki said...

Woo Hoo! You're on your way.

swooze said...

I am glad I could help.