Friday, June 8, 2007

In My Past Life,

I think I must have been a farmer or a "gatherer". (a squirrel is another possibility!) If I was a farmer, I doubt I was a very good one because hard physical work has never been my thing! I do love the aspect of "bringing in the crops" so to speak or "stocking the larder". There is something about this time of year that brings that trait out in me big time.

I find myself buying meat on sale for the freezer, making crock pot meals ahead to freeze. I love to pick fruit at the "U-Pick" and make jam and get corn fresh from the field for the freezer. The more I stock up, the more content I am.

A couple of years ago when I was in my "stocking up" phase, my daughter laughingly asked if I thought I might be pregnant?? Being in my late 50's and without reproductive plumbing for many years, I just laughed. She said I was "nesting". You know, gathering all my food and special things all around me. She said I reminded her of little bird who had eggs in her nest that she had to provide for.

I think a fabric "stash" has the same to save it for when you can't get it! (as if Joann's wasn't just down the road from my house!) I tell my husband that all that fabric, rulers, books, thread, patterns that I have collected is for our retirement when we might not have as much extra money for those things. Do I have to tell you what a chuckle he has with that one?

So here are the fruits of my labor, so to speak. LOL We are swimming in grape tomatoes! This is one days crop with a lot more to go. Think for a house of two, we kind of over planted. In Az though, you never know if you will get any crop so you plan for extra just in case.

Cherry jam ready for the cupboard and the LONG rough winter ahead! This is kind of sad because with diabetes I can no longer eat this high sugar treat, but DH and the family can so I can still use that summer fruit. I made peach in May and will do some plum later on if they are good in the store. We pick the peaches locally so that really makes it my "crop". We will pick apples in Wickenburg in the fall and I will make applesauce for the freezer. Have a new recipe for that using Splenda so maybe I can have some!!

Lots of good fruit
Meat on sale this week
My new Food Saver sealer so I can package and freeze my bounty
Friends adding comments to this blog.........thanks everyone!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Does that mean that there ARE really edible apples here? I'm working on withdrawl!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Norma! I found your blog again!
Good luck with the counter thingy.
Those tomatoes look lovely. How about some fresh tomato soup - I believe its really nice.