Saturday, June 23, 2007

Talented DIL

When we replaced our round table with a rectangle one after the grandkids came along, my son said they would take our old table and chairs. I saw the look on his wife's face and she was not exactly happy with the idea. Her taste is way more contempory and I understood. Later she said "we might paint it??" and I told her to go for it and do whatever she needed to do.
So here is the result! It took her many long hours and lots of hunting to find the glass but this picture doesn't even scratch the surface of how beautiful it is. She told me they were going to paint the chairs and I told her I would take the chairs to Goodwill and buy some that complimented the wonderful to tell you that got a big smile!
Nice to see a hand me down not my style get a whole new life as a work of art!


Belvie said...

Lovely redo on the table. Congrats on adding the counter. I know how you feel as I just joined Q4P and put a counter on mine too....and did it all by myself.

Rose said...

She has done a wonderful job with the looks fantastic!!!

QuiltingFitzy said...


What about fabric covers for the chairs that she could change out when the mood strikes..or seasons change?

That pattern would be awesome made up with fusables for a wallhanging, or even the tail pattern repeated on an appliance cover.'s very awesome.

Samantha said...

WOW! That table is simply gorgeous!

Mary said...

The table looks wonderful. We were at a museum today looking at some mosaics and I told Keith I'd love to make some but I don't need another hobby!