Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Its crazy!

Here in the desert Southwest we are having our usual over 100 degree temps. It was 110 yesterday I think. We survive by wearing as few clothes as legally possible and making sure they are as light weight as possible.

So, on June 18, when we still have July and August summer heat plus Sept. and Oct. fall heat to suffer through, what are all the dept. stores doing? They are clearancing their SUMMER clothes and restocking with FALL ones! DD and I were shopping yesterday in one store where the clerks were so busy moving the light weight things to sale racks and the heavier weight to the main displays that we had to go ask them to ring up our purchase.

Question is, what do you do come mid July and you find you need a nice SUMMER outfit to wear for a special unplanned occasion and all the stores have is WINTER clothes? I thimk you might be out of luck!


Niki said...

You are so right. I was at target today and bought my dd some summer shorts 1/2 off! at least I got a deal, but I know what you mean...It's gonna be like this til beginning of October. Come on people! lol. It's so stinkin hot out today.

Kim West said...

That drives me insane. But here in the Pacific Northwest, it is springtime that drives me insane. It does not warm up significantly until late June/July and by February you can't get anything but summer clothes. My son once lost his gloves in late January and we couldn't find a single glove. Luckily we are moving to Hawaii for the next three years soon and we will only have to worry about one type of clothes - summer.