Thursday, June 7, 2007

After reading how Finn felt that she really didn't want to be a Maverick quilter anymore, and Nancy has decided that she really doesn't need to impose all the Stashbusting rules in her life, it made me think.

What is it that we humans have about joining things? Why do we feel we need to be part of a group to find personal fullfillment in life? I have got to say I have no answers but it sure seems that we have that need, sometimes doing so even though it causes more unhappy feelings than good.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against forming a group of common interest but I have seen so many get started with the best intentions and then go downhill from there. Friendship is one of the most wonderful gifts we have but why does it so often have to EXPAND into something organized and therefore, with RULES!

Never have been much of a joiner, perferring to have lots of interest in lots of things. This goes back to my childhood. Things at my house were not the Father Knows Best family of the 60's. Joining into things at school or outside was hard to keep up with because there was no support that a child needed to be part of certain activities. So, for the most part, I didn't get to do those things. I wonder, did that form who I am now? I find I am a person, who as much as I want to be part of things, find that I either don't fit well or in the end when I give it thought, decide that hey, don't want to be part of this.

I love people, I love to talk to them and see their projects and be part of their lives but on my terms for the most part and that doesn't work well with in a group structure. So I guess I will just rattle around out here, hope to make friends and if I find a group that isn't too restrictive, where I can contribute as well as benefit, guess I will give it a try. No Stashbusting rules though as my Stash is meant to grow, as is my pile of UFO's. No child is going hungry when I buy fabric, no one is missing out on something they need because I started a new project without finishing a old one. I am trying to finish two for every one I start but that is a personal goal., not one set by group. And, as I told Nancy..........If it makes me HAPPY, that is the only rule I am worried about when it comes to my fun times.


QuiltingFitzy said...

My "group" consists of those blogs I choose to visit and those who visit me. I was in rings previously, but opted out.

I know I'm not an expert, but goodness I have ALOT of opinions, lol. That makes me a little bit of an outcast, but that's ok too. I much prefer standing on the outside lookin' in, and joining if and when I want to.

Gettin' picky these days I guess, lol.

These last 2 days of cooler weather was WONDERFUL!!!

Norma said...

Lots of opinions here and of course, I am right!! LOL Too, to be part of a group you have to "conform" and that is almost impossible for me to do!

My grandkids actually got to play how often does that happen in AZ in June?

Katie said...

Suppose we need a group of non-joiners? LOL

Norma said...

Ok, ladies, now here are the RULES! LOL

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Norma, I reached you via the comment you left on Finn's blog. Your comment could have been me talking! I too am a non-joiner, but I enjoy seeing and reading about quilts. I bookmark blogs I enjoy in my 'favourites' by pressing 'control D'. Nice to meet you.

Norma said...

Hi happy to see your comment! You know, we may have something going here, not a GROUP (gasp) but just a few of us who enjoy reading the blogs and seeing the great pictures. Glad to know I am not floating around out there by myself, yet doing my own thing.

Nancy said...

Like Fitzy my group will now consist of the blogs that make me truly happy to read. Which is a much smaller group than when I thought I had to keep up with a blog in which I had nothing in common besides belonging to the same ring. I will still go around the rings occasionally to find new bloggers and filch them from comments made on others blogs so my circle of friends will still grow. But they will be true friends now with content that inspires me or makes me think. I'm glad to see you're finding a place for yourself in blogland. Just keep on commenting on blogs you like and more and more people will find you and your circle of friends will grow. You've made my list.

Niki said...

You know, Norma, I've never really been a joiner either, and I kind of regretted it my whole life. I think I was too self concious. Now as an adult I'm trying hard to meet people, join groups, etc. It has its bads and goods I guess. I do better one on one (friendships). I do see both sides of this, but understand completely where you are coming from. :) NIKI